Prepare For the Most Important Change to Search in 30 Years: Google’s Search Generative Experience

SearchGen™ creates bespoke, future-proof digital marketing strategies that optimize your brand, content, and your entire marketing funnel for Generative AI Search.

We Provide


Find out what you need to do to optimize your website, company brand, and personal brand for Google’s Search Generative Experience.


Build your own internal knowledge graph and align your content with external knowledge graphs trusted by Google.


Take control your brand’s entity in Google’s Knowledge Graph, their database of billions of brands, websites, products, and concepts.


Discover how to increase your Confidence Score, Google’s measure of how confident they are in understanding your brand.

The Process


Take Control of Your Entity in the Knowledge Graph

Your company and your personal brand are entities in Google’s Knowledge Graph. By taking control of your entity, you help Google grow their confidence in your brand—and you determine how your entity appears in their search results.


Discover Trusted Sources to Establish Trust

Trust is a crucial factor in both Google’s knowledge graph and their ranking algorithms. To build a case for “notability” to get a place in Google’s Knowledge Graph, we obtain external corroboration for your entity in a variety of trusted sources (which vary by industry).


Build Your Own Internal Knowledge Graph

Turn your content into a knowledge database that search engines can read and understand. Link your content with entities in other knowledge graphs to easily communicate to Google what your content is about. This saves Google the expense of processing your content to understand what it’s about, which they reward with increased rankings. We streamline and automate this process by leveraging AI.


Take Control of Your Search Results Page

When people search for your organizational or personal brand, the results page they see will determine how they come to view your brand. Part of the SERP is the Knowledge Panel, which we begin creating in step one. But there are also Google’s recommendations, the list of blue links about your brand. You can take control and decide what goes on that list, instead of leaving it up to chance and algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Generative Experience?

Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the name Google has given to its hybrid of traditional Google search results and Generative AI. SGE is powered by Google’s LLM (Large Language Model) and their Knowledge Graph.

What are Trusted Sources?

Trust is a crucial factor in both Google’s knowledge graph and their ranking algorithms. To establish trust for an entity, Google looks for that entity in a variety of websites and knowledge graphs that they trust. Wikipedia is an example of a source that Google trusts, but there are many, many more—and they vary by industry.

What is a Knowledge Graph?

A knowledge graph is a way of storing information where facts are connected like a web. It helps computers understand how different pieces of information relate to each other. Think of it as a map of knowledge, where each point (fact) is linked to others by lines (relationships). Wikipedia is an example of a well-known knowledge graph, but there are many more.

What is Markup? is a standard created by a collaboration between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo. It was created to give websites a way to communicate with search engines about that website’s entities. markup is code that is added to pages for this purpose.

What is a Confidence Score?

Google stores each entity along with a numeric value that measures how confident they are in that entity. Once their confidence score reaches a certain threshold, Google considers that entity to be trustworthy.