Topical Authority

Keywords vs Questions

We don’t just pull keyword phrases from keyword tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush and then randomly sprinkle them onto our content just for creating relevance. The first thing we do is create questions from those keywords. We also include keywords, phrases, and concepts that do not show up in keyword tools, but are topically relevant. We are also largely unconcerned with search volume for keywords.

Creating Knowledge Bases

We aim to create a knowledge base where we define every concept in the best possible way and be comprehensive in our coverage of that topic so that we can also cover all of the relevant keyword phrases.

Information Gap vs Keyword Gap

In comparing your website to competitors, we are more concerned about the information gap rather than the keyword gap. This means that we are identifying where your competitors are providing more comprehensive information within a topical area than your website—not just the keywords they’re covering.

Sentence Structures are Not Random

Cost of Retrieval

An important factor for Topical Authority is Cost of Retrieval. If a search engine is able to satisfy more topics, more users, and more queries with a single website, it means that website actually helps the search engine. Demoting this website is risky for Google, because demoting that website for one topic will cause that website to be demoted for many other topics at the same time.